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How to Use FlowMotion Personal Lubricant

Get into the Flow – Your Way
Some people like to use a little lubricant, some like to use a lot. The choice is yours!
Option 1. For a raging river of FlowMotion, remove the tamper-proof foil on the tube completely.
Option 2. To slow FlowMotion to a gentle stream, pierce a small hole in the tamper-proof foil.
* Remember to replace the screw-on flip-top cap securely before use.

We offer FlowMotion in a generous 100ml tube, so feel free to experiment.

First-Time Lubricant User?
Start with the slow flow by piercing a small hole in the foil, you can always increase the flow later by taking off the tamper-proof foil completely.

How Much Should I Use and How Do I Apply It?
Start with a small amount (about 1/4 of a teaspoon) and apply it to either your hand first, or directly onto the area you want to lube. Let the flow take you to the motion!

Water-based Activities.
For penetrative sex, water-based personal lubricants work with the body’s own juices and perform on par with oil or silicone-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants are safer to use, especially with condoms, but have a faster ‘air dry’ time when used externally.

Water-based gel ingredients are water-activated. If you find the gel doesn’t last quite as long as you do, this just means the water component of the gel has evaporated. You can either reapply more, or revive the lubricant ingredients with a bit of water and extend the slip for longer.

Enjoy the Freedom of a Natural Lubricant.
Use a little or use a lot – use whatever feels natural. Go with the flow and create the motion.

Life is FlowMotion.


Flow Motion - Go with the flow

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