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Why use a Personal Lubricant?

Most sex requires lubrication – whether you produce enough of your own, or whether you get it out of a tube – it’s important to have enough! Making sex more pleasurable also allows closer connection with your partner – enhancing the lovemaking experience – organically. Sensitive mucous membranes can be easily damaged if there is not enough lubrication. This can make the sexual experience less enjoyable, even painful, and can leave you or your partner more susceptible to irritation and infections. There are many reasons people use a personal lubricant.

Vaginal dryness that can be due to:

  • the onset of menopause
  • not being aroused enough
  • hormonal imbalances
  • breast-feeding
  • illness
  • stress
  • certain medications

Personal lubricants can be use for:

  • penetrative sex (vaginal or anal)
  • sex using condoms
  • masturbation
  • sex toys
  • or just wanting to have a bit of fun!

Why use a water-based personal lubricant?

Being a water-based product has great advantages!

  • Water-based feels most authentic
  • It’s the healthiest choice
  • It’s better for internal tissues
  • There’s no sticky mess on you or your partner
  • There’s no oily mess on the bedsheets or on clothing
  • It doesn’t stain
  • It doesn’t need to be washed with soap and water.
  •  It’s safe to use with latex condoms and toys.


When less is more! We have chosen to make our organic personal lubricant recipe as natural and simple as possible. The fewer ingredients, the less chance there is of adverse reactions or allergies. There are no bells and whistles – just a sensuous, real feel slip. We don’t use any stimulants, and there are no added or artificial flavours or scents.

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