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Our GMO Statement

We at FlowMotion endeavor to ensure that none of our products contain any GMO’s

(Genetically Modified Organisms)

GMO Free

We even refuse to use certain kinds of gum thickeners that are found in other organic personal lubricants because, even though these gums may claim to be natural or organic, they are manufactured with corn, soy, wheat, or dairy derivatives. Corn and soy especially are species which are commonly genetically modified. So to be safe, we would rather use plant species for our ingredients that aren’t commonly genetically modified and which may be less likely to be affected by cross-pollination.

Each organic plant ingredient used in our products carries a statement from the primary producer that their plants (or products) are not genetically modified. Despite our best efforts, there is always a possibility that small traces of foreign genetic material may be detected in some batches of product. To guarantee that absolutely no genetically modified material had made its way into our product, each batch of product would have to be sample tested. This would mean sending a sample of each individual batch we make to a lab in Australia for detailed analysis. Unfortunately, the exercise becomes laborious and cost prohibitive. So we have to trust that our suppliers are doing their very best to ensure their products remain free from GMO contaminants.

We at FlowMotion would love to see a world where GMOs are banned worldwide. At the very least, we believe all GMO products should be labelled so the consumer can make an informed choice. In the meantime, we will do our very best to provide our customers with the most healthy products possible.

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