Geogard® 221, is permitted by ECOCERT as a preservative in ecological and organic certified cosmetics and has global approval for virtually every personal care and cosmetic application.

There is an extensive body of safety data available on the constituents of Geogard® 221. This information has been reviewed by independent experts globally. There is uniform agreement that these ingredients may be safely used in cosmetic applications. Therefore, Geogard® 221 itself has not been tested on animals.

Geogard® 221 has been designed to replace parabens and paraben-containing blends in personal care and cosmetic formulations and provides effective formulation protection from both bacteria and fungi.

Geogard® 221 is a unique blend featuring dehydroacetic acid (0.077% – 0.083%) as the primary active ingredient, and benzyl alcohol (0.87%) which provides protection against both types of contaminants, whereas the parabens and combination products tested were adequate against only one or the other, but not both.

The broad-spectrum activity of Geogard® 221 leads to greater efficacy and lower usage levels versus competitive chemistries – meaning we use less – with better results.

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