Sizzle Between The Sheets With These Hot New Sex Positions

If your bedroom routine is lacking a little spice then all you need to do is tweak your favourite tried-and-true sex positions and before you know it you’ll be shaking it up between the sheets in no time.

Mix it up Missionary

It’s time to give the good old missionary position a little extra oomph. While lying on your back pull your knees into your chest or better still raise your legs so that your feet hug your partner’s neck and wait for the magic to happen.

Girl on top

To add a little extra spark to this position simply spin yourself around so you are facing his feet. According to the author of Sex Recharge this variation allows for some serious G-spot stimulation and gives you the freedom to let your fingers wander to your own hot spot. . . or his.

Doggie Style

This one may seem like you’ll need some yoga smarts but it’s a lot easier than it sounds. Simply get your partner to lie on his back and bend his knees to his chest. Place his feet against your shoulders and sit down.

Start Spooning

Lie on your side and have your partner spoon you from behind while you draw your kneads up to your chest in the foetal position. Get him to hold you as tight as he can to maximise the feeling of physical closeness.

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