Top Tips For Feeling More Connected To Your Partner

Blog by nzgirl / Sponsored by FlowMotion

Most relationships start out strong but life has a habit of getting in the way of romance and challenging even the strongest relationships.

When we truly connect with someone we love, our relationships become stronger and our lives as a whole become richer. Even though most of us yearn for a loving connection with our partners, it’s not always easy to achieve.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Flowmotion to share our top tips for building a loving bond that lasts.

1. Connect With Yourself
If you want to truly connect with your partner it’s important to have a good sense of who you are. If you’re feeling insecure and/or disconnected from yourself then it’s almost impossible to truly connect with someone else. It’s all about learning to share your love instead of simply wanting to receive love. Psychotherapist Jennifer Kogan told PsychCentral this process involves recognising your reactions and feelings so you can respond to your needs and take good care of yourself. For more on this take a look at 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Yourself.

2. Be Present
How many times has your partner been talking to you but you’re hardly hearing what they’re saying because you have so much stuff racing around in your mind? You’re there but you’re not really there. This is all too common when life gets busy but it’s important to make time to really be present with each other. When you are truly present with your partner you’re actually looking them in the eye and really caring about what they’re saying. To connect well you need to make time to be more present in the moment.

3. Focus on The Postitives
When you feel good about yourself it’s much easier to enjoy your partner’s positive traits instead of focusing on the negative. If you spend too much time focusing on your partner’s flaws (and let’s face it we all have them) you’ll not only be blinded to their attributes but you’ll quickly create distance and disconnection. So remember to focus on the good stuff and minimise the not so good.

4. Break From Routine
Change is a great way to keep a relationship fresh and exciting. But we often find ourselves stuck in the daily grind and life becomes routine. That’s why it’s important to break out of the hum-drum of our everyday lives once in a while and do something new and exciting together. Maybe it’s as simple as learning a new sport together or doing something you used to do when you first met. The key is to mix it up a little and do whatever you can to have fun together. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves what it was that first made us fall in love with our partner and try and rediscover those feelings. The best connection happens when you spend time with your partner having fun and feeling relaxed.

5. Let’s Talk About Sex
When it comes to sex men and women do tend to speak different languages. Relationship Therapist Jennifer Ryan says men feel more connected to their partners through the act of sex. She says: “He feels loved to his core when you crave him sexually”. While this may not be the case for every guy, she believes it’s really important to make sex a priority because it will make your man feel loved, secure, respected and confident. “Instead of seeing the act as a “duty” or a job, see it for what it is: an emotional connection. Just as women want emotional connection, men do as well, and it can often come in the form of sex.”

6. Work On Your Emotional Intimacy
No matter how great our sex lives, if we’re not connecting on a deeper, emotional level our relationships don’t stand a chance. Finding an emotional connection requires more than just doing what the other person wants too. It’s about really listening to your partner, sharing a laugh, flirting, expressing your love, spending quality time together without always being glued to your phone, and most importantly creating new memories together. Boredom can suck the life out of any relationship so do whatever it takes to keep it fresh and interesting.