Why We Should All Switch To Organic Lube

“Why We Should All Switch To Organic Lube”
by Ezekiel MacNevin at SameSame

“The hauntingly familiar labels of ‘KY Jelly’, ‘Durex Play’, ‘Swiss Navy’ and (if stranded on a desert island) ‘Petroleum Jelly’ are sure to excite and arouse with the prospect of sex.

Whether straight, gay, post-menopausal, condom-safe, bareback or flying solo – sometimes things don’t slide or fit properly. Thus we grease our genitals with personal lubricants to get the ball rolling.

Here’s the thing: genital tissue is delicate and highly absorbent of chemical compounds, especially the ones found in most personal lubricants on the market. Just because something is water-based doesn’t mean it’s not toxic…” READ MORE