30 Remarkable Health Benefits of Sex

Unadulterated, consensual, fabulous sex is often a taboo topic. Many people don’t realize that in addition to being fun, there are many health benefits of sex—30 to be exact!- By Megan from Couples Candy “…If your sex life is lacking, the following information may just inspire you to find more time to canoodle. From pain relief […]

Have More Sex, Be Happier, Have More Kids and Buy More Baby Food

Plum Organics Wants You to Have More Sex, Be Happier, Have More Kids and Buy More Baby Food -Brand launches ‘Do Your Part(ner)’ campaign- By Roo Ciambriello “…Aselton makes the claim that more sex leads to stronger partnerships and happier families, and ends with a call to action to pledge to “Do Your Part(ner).” The brand launches DoYourPartner.com today, […]

Why We Should All Switch To Organic Lube

“Why We Should All Switch To Organic Lube” by Ezekiel MacNevin at SameSame “The hauntingly familiar labels of ‘KY Jelly’, ‘Durex Play’, ‘Swiss Navy’ and (if stranded on a desert island) ‘Petroleum Jelly’ are sure to excite and arouse with the prospect of sex. Whether straight, gay, post-menopausal, condom-safe, bareback or flying solo – sometimes […]

Improved Recipe

To ensure you get optimal performance from your personal lubricant, while still using the most natural ingredients possible, we have now added Amigel® (Sclerotium Gum) to our recipe. Amigel® is a 100% natural water-based gelling and thickening agent which makes our original FlowMotion Organic Lubricant recipe even more luxurious. You will find FlowMotion a bit […]

Nelson Chambers Business Awards

FlowMotion Ltd was proud to be a finalist in two awards; the NZME SME Award and Chamber Innovation Award. The Chamber writes: More than 300 guests attended the premier awards evening at Nelson’s Rutherford Hotel where they were entertained by MC Duncan Garner,  Epic Entertainment dancers who performed on hoops suspended from the ceiling and Nelson band […]

North Island Supermarkets

I really wanted to start announcements with “Coming Soon…”, but it always seems a bit cliché for a lubricant ad. In fact, it is almost impossible to talk about lubricants without innuendo. Even ‘innuendo’ sounds like an innuendo. So how does a lubricant company talk about ‘market penetration’ without sounding a bit.. well, you know… […]

Natural Products Industry Overview

Wellness and good health are priceless commodities. And in aid of the nation’s fiscal fitness, the natural products industry contributed a healthy $1.4 billion to the NZ economy last year, up $1 billon in the last 5 years. As more and more awareness grows around our food ingredients, and the safety of the health care […]

Natural Products NZ Industry Awards

FlowMotion Ltd Receives Highly Commended Award for Innovation in Marketing at the Natural Products NZ Industry Awards  JAMES & WELLS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY EXCELLENCE IN MARKETING AWARD: This award recognises a company or employee of the company who has achieved exceptional results from the innovative marketing, advertising or promotion of a service or product achieving significant […]

FlowMotion Organic Lubricant Gel – Review by SexToysBuzz

Multi-award winning review site, SexToysBuzz, has this to say about FlowMotion Organic Lubricant… “We receive adult products to test from all around the world but it’s difficult to get one from further away than New Zealand, in fact it’s impossible. It arrived “Par Avion” a week ago and had been staring at me from the […]

Older Women Want More Sex – Not Less.

In her article, CLARE KERMOND writes about Older Women and Sex… NOT LACKING IN LIBIDO: Research shows many women in their 60s, 70s and 80s have more time for sex than ever before… … Researchers on a joint Victorian and New South Wales study, Sex, Desire and Pleasure: Considering the Experiences of Older Australian Women, say their […]

Touchy Topics – NZ Herald Q&A Interview

How do you talk to potential consumers about a product or service when it deals with something people generally find hard to discuss? That’s a question I’ve asked this week of a number of business owners who are working in ‘touchy’ fields, and marketing products related to everything from sex to death. Michele Surcouf, founder […]

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship Today

NZGirl writes: If you want to improve your relationship today then all you need to do is take five minutes out to learn the different types of love languages. When you understand what love language your partner speaks you’ll find your path to long-lasting love a whole lot easier. Marriage counsellor and author of  The 5 Love […]

Top Tips For Feeling More Connected To Your Partner

Blog by nzgirl / Sponsored by FlowMotion Most relationships start out strong but life has a habit of getting in the way of romance and challenging even the strongest relationships. When we truly connect with someone we love, our relationships become stronger and our lives as a whole become richer. Even though most of us […]

From the New Zealand Herald – Elements Magazine

Go with the FlowMotion 2:39 PM Thursday Dec 18, 2014 When Californian-born Michele Surcouf was diagnosed with chemical sensitivity back in 2013, she started cooking up her own beauty products using natural ingredients. While experimenting with a hair gel recipe, she created a mystery liquid that was water-based, completely natural and silky smooth. A year […]

Falling in Love is Not All in Your Head

Some years ago, I fell in love. I remember the day, in fact the exact moment it happened. My brain knew it was foolish, and everything in my intellect told me (because of the circumstances) it would never work out. But my heart was deaf to reason, and down the rabbit hole it plunged, madly, […]

How to Unlock Your Inner Sex Goddess – according to NZgirl

If you’ve lost your mojo in the bedroom it may be time to channel your inner-sex goddess. Not sure where to start? Or even if you actually have an inner sex goddess? Chances are she does exist and the good news is it’s not as hard as you may think to get in touch with her. […]

A Beginner’s Guide To The Kama Sutra – by NZgirl

Whether it’s mind-blowing, bed-rattling sex you’re after or a more soulful lovemaking session, we could all benefit from a little Kama Sutra 101. While this ancient Indian book is full of bizarre and awkward sex positions, there’s a lot it can teach us about really connecting with our partners. We’ve teamed up with FlowMotion to bring you these four […]

Is Addiction Stopping You From Being Your Best Self?

FlowMotion is dedicated to taking care of our bodies, as well as taking care of our minds and hearts by encouraging healthy and meaningful relationships. Through our sexual relationships we can express our most real feelings. However, addiction can often come in the way of being our best, most authentic or fulfilled selves. I recently watched […]

The Naked Mind

Octopuses are intelligent and sensitive creatures. They’re able to change their skin pigment and texture to blend into their environment and display their moods. Whatever an octopus thinks or feels is literally written all over its body. They are the epitome of the naked mind. While an octopus communicates openly, we have the ability to […]

What is an orgasm and where can you get one? by Belinda Nash from NZgirl

If you chat among your girlfriends it’s highly likely that those who haven’t experienced an orgasm won’t tell you they haven’t. And it’s even less likely that they’ll ask you for a how-to guide. So we’re taking on the BFF mantle and helping you discover whether you’ve had an orgasm, and if you haven’t, how you can. In researching orgasms I discovered […]

Summer Loving! The Best Places To Have Sex In The Great Outdoors. By NZgirl

Alfresco sex may not be for everyone but if your sex life needs a breath of fresh air then maybe it’s time to head outdoors for some sensual summer loving. “Having sex outside awakens the senses,” says sex therapist, Dr Sandor Gardos. “Feeling the breeze on your skin, smelling the freshly cut grass – stimuli is very erotic.” With […]

6 Sex Problems and How to Solve Them – from nzgirl (04/08/14)

Welcome to the first instalment of a brand new series on sex.  Yep we’re actually going there. Let’s face it it’s not always easy to keep the juices of lovemaking alive so we’ve decided to get to the bottom of it in our new 12 Steps To Better Sex series. This tiny three letter word (sex) seems to have […]

Flow Motion - Go with the flow

The Importance of Sex and Personal Lubricants

I recently attended a business networking breakfast. Each attendee had to stand up and give a 60-second talk about their business. As I listened to everyone else (and nervously awaited my turn) it occurred to me that while having adequate insurance, sorting out your computer problems, landscaping, selling cars, and attaining bank loans are an important […]

Surefire Secrets To Five Star Sex

Welcome to the second installment of our brand new series on sex.  Yep we’re actually going there. Let’s face it it’s not always easy to keep the juices of lovemaking alive so we’ve decided to get to the bottom of it in our new 12 Steps To Better Sex series. This tiny three letter word (sex) seems to have […]

Sizzle Between The Sheets With These Hot New Sex Positions

If your bedroom routine is lacking a little spice then all you need to do is tweak your favourite tried-and-true sex positions and before you know it you’ll be shaking it up between the sheets in no time. Mix it up Missionary It’s time to give the good old missionary position a little extra oomph. While […]