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How Organic is Organic?

In New Zealand, always look for the BioGro NZ Certified Organic logo. To ensure any personal lubricant is truly organic (at least 95% organic), choose a product that displays a ‘Certified Organic’ statement – as well as their official logo. 

With people becoming more aware of what the benefits of natural and organic products, many health and bodycare product manufacturers are meeting the demand by producing natural and organic products. Many of these products live up to their claims. However, some have just been ‘Green Washed’ by changing the labelling.

Labels can be confusing! The truth about product ingredients can be hidden in cleverly worded labeling and advertisements. For example in the USA,  manufacturers may say their products are “Made with Certified Organic Ingredients” when only 70% of the ingredients are actually organic. They may even displaying a logo that looks like an official stamp, when their product is not actually ‘certified organic’. Read ingredient labels carefully. 

Our BioGro Organic licence # is 5475.

For more information about labeling, you can read the USDA Organic guideline

To ensure you are getting a Certified Organic personal lubricant made in New Zealand, make sure you choose the one with the BioGro NZ logo.

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