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Let’s Talk About Sex

6 Sex Problems and How to Solve Them

Welcome to the first instalment of a brand new series on sex.  Yep we’re actually going there. Let’s face it it’s not always easy to keep the juices of lovemaking alive so we’ve decided to get to the bottom of it in our new 12 Steps To Better Sex series….

Good in Bed

Your guide to a better sex life – Lubricants

“… contrary to popular belief, lubricants aren’t only for people experiencing a lack of natural lubrication. Couples, singles, and young and old alike are discovering the benefits of lubricant for their sex lives…”

Sexuality – Personal Lubricants 

“Personal lubricants are perhaps the greatest unsung sex toy. While it’s true that lubricant can be used to solve a sexual problem, like vaginal dryness, lube is much more than something to use only when you ‘need’ it…”

A Woman’s Touch

How to choose a lubricant

“I see ads for personal lubricants but they don’t explain much. What should I know about a lubricant before I buy one?…”


How do I use a lube during sex? Q&A

“Q: I want to try lube during sex, but I’m not sure how to use it. Help! A: When it comes to maxing out your mattress sessions, wetter is usually better…”


becoming a better man – Lubricants for Sex 

“Even if you don’t think you need lube, you may be surprised at what it can do for your sex life…”

12 Steps To Better Sex

Surefire Secrets To Five Star Sex. Let’s face it it’s not always easy to keep the juices of lovemaking alive so we’ve decided to get to the bottom of it in our new 12 Steps To Better Sex series.

The Marriage Bed

“So called personal lubricants have become very popular in the last decade, with a variety of products available at any pharmacy, and increasingly in grocery stores…”

The Physics of Sex

“Slip, Slide, or Stick: Friction and Lubrication…”

Why Men And Women Use Lubricants During Sex 

“Personal lubricants have long been recommended to women to improve the comfort of sexual intercourse…”


Studies Raise Questions About Safety Of Personal Lubricants 

“Although most people will list only K-Y Jelly when asked to recall the names of personal lubricants, hundreds of the products are being used for sex across the globe…”

Science Daily

Effect of water-based and silicon-based lubricant on sexual pleasure of women 

“A new study by sexual health researchers at Indiana University found that women who used lubricant during sex reported significantly higher levels of satisfaction and pleasure…”

Sexuality – Q. Can I get a yeast infection from a personal lubricant?”

“I was at a sex store recently and overheard one of the sales people telling my friend the lubricants can cause yeast infections…”

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