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    MT - North Shore City says:

    Awesome product. My wife has had trouble getting wet since the kids came along however we found with this product her natural wetness kicked back in. We will continue to use this and have already recommended to several friends. It is also fun on your own as we have both discovered

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    GG - Wellington says:

    Both my partner and I got sent samples! One of his leaked in the mail. The product was great and felt much better than lube I had tried before. It wasn’t too sticky, was a good amount (almost too much). Even my partner liked it lots!

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    C.G - Hamilton says:

    No smell, nice feel but didnt last so we had to use the second sample too. Would recomend in a size where you can chose how much you want to use ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise very happy with quality product.

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    DM Christchurch says:

    Received my samples, but both were squashed and had leaked all over the envelope, no product left to try, and this is my second batch that has arrived like that.

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    A.H. ChCh says:

    Very happy, felt just like the real thing, not greasy at all. Remained for as long as required but left no weird feeling afterwards.

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    K.N Auckland says:

    Nice texture and went warm quickly after applying. Enjoyed using it and very happy with the quality,and had no reaction to it which was awesome!

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    GD says:

    It’s orgasmic! Highly recommend. I am in menopause so get very dry and found this lubricant fantastic. Not only is it organic, there’s no sticky mess.

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    T.P. New Plymouth says:

    Samples too small to get a good idea as it dried up and went sticky really fast. Only got a tiny drop out of each packet so maybe just a faulty batch?

    • FlowMotion
      FlowMotion says:

      Each sample snap pack should hold about 5mls (about a teaspoon), which should be enough to see what it’s like, but I have noticed some sample packs seem to be a bit thinner than others. Good feedback to take to our sample packaging people – quality control. Thanks!

    • FlowMotion
      FlowMotion says:

      Arrggghh! What’s going on with the post? Good to get the feedback about the burst samples though. We might have to figure out a better way to protect the samples when we send them. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    N.E Nelson says:

    Absolutely fantastic, no sticky business and finally I have found one that doesn’t dry my out the next day!! I will be definitely buying some flowmotion.

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    B.T - Wellington says:

    Love it! Soooo much better than the others. Non sticky, not greasy, no residue… Feels clean and doesn’t mess up the sheets! I have recommended it to everyone I know! Totally switching to this product xo

    • FlowMotion
      FlowMotion says:

      We are very sorry to hear about the experience you and your partner had with our product. It is of concern to us because this is very unusual. We would like to find out why you experienced burning, since our recipe is incredibly simple and gentle, made from food grade ingredients, has no chemical irritants, and has been tested on people with severe skin conditions. We’d like to know if you were using any other products with it, such as lotions, massage oils, products that contained alcohol (such as hand sanitisers), condoms (that already had another lubricant added)? Do you suffer from any allergies? Please get in touch with us directly on info@flowmotion.co.nz. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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    JD Tauranga says:

    Thanks for the trial of FlowMotion. It was great, no sticky mess or residue afterwards will definitely be getting some. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    C.C - Auckland says:

    This is by far the best lube I have ever used. It felt natural and didn’t leave a sticky mess. I was lucky enough to get a sample – as soon as my sample ran out I went to the ecostore to grab more! Thank you for making such an awesome product ๐Ÿ™‚

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    K.W - Auckland says:

    normally im not a person to go buy lube, but after using this organic lubricant i was quite surpised, the best part is that at then end there is no sticky mess what so ever. Would definately buy the bottle

    • FlowMotion
      FlowMotion says:

      Thanks L.W. for your feedback, we appreciate all comments. Water-based lubricants can dry out more quickly than oil-based when the water component dries out (usually with exterior play), but the ingredients will rehydrate quickly with a bit of water. We will never add artificial scents or flavourings to our products, but may introduce an oil-based lubricant in the future. We have chosen to launch FlowMotion with a water-based product because we believe it is the healthiest choice. Please click HERE to see why.

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    J.N says:

    Me and my partner both enjoyed the product great texture to it , was not sticky like other products have used in the past.
    Nice attractive packaging.

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    A.R -Christchurch says:

    Absolutely amazing product,no smell and no mess and best of all,totally all natural…thumbs up from both my partner and myself,we loved it!!!

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    O.P - Christchurch says:

    Nice to know that you can be chemical free in all aspects of your life. I’ve been waiting for this kind of product to come on the market for a while now. It definitely is a wonderful creation and does not feel any little bit unnatural. Thank you for giving us a chance to try it and of course we will be purchasing the product for future use as well. Also recommended to female relatives and friends going through hormonal changes.

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    A.B Auckland says:

    Love that its organic – doesnt have a icky feeling and no overpowering chemical smell. Works as it should…..will be a staple in our drawer. Thanks so much!

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    R.S. Cairns says:

    It was so great, there was none of that painful skin pulling or catching, which definitely took some of my worry away and made the whole experience better. Thanks Flow!

  19. Avatar
    T R- Wellington says:

    Loved it,no odour like other products, lube is just the rigt consistancy, partner loved it!! Will recommend to all!!! Thanks flow motion!!

  20. Avatar
    K.O. - Marlborough says:

    Sadly both sample sachets burst in the post and leaked all through the envelope, so we didn’t get to try any of the product ๐Ÿ™

  21. Avatar
    V. N. - Christchurch says:

    This has no funny smell like cheap lubricant and really helps avoid any initial pain by making everything lovely and slippery. Definitely improves results!

  22. Avatar
    R D LEVIN says:

    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality- although unfortunately one of the sample packets had leaked out so we only got to try the one packet, which we didn’t find was really enough and didn’t last for as long as we would have liked but it was smooth and silky with a luscious feeling. Would definitely try again and recommend. Well done on such a fantastic product!

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    K.M - Feilding says:

    Very impressed with this lubricant, as a sufferer of psoriasis (a skin condition) i found this product to be excellent, and non irritating to my skin A+

  24. Avatar
    H.E- Auckland says:

    great product ๐Ÿ™‚ pleasantly surprised at the quality of this product, and will use regularly now after trying many others with ineffective results.

  25. Avatar
    J.C - Auckland says:

    Finally a lubricant that is organic and has the right consistency for me. My years of searching are over, it’s a fantastic product.

  26. Avatar
    A.K. Christchurch says:

    Great lube – no smell, nice consistency, lasts a long time, will definitely be buying when it comes out in the shops. Hopefully it comes out soon before the samples run out!

  27. Avatar
    L.F. Wellington says:

    Finally a lubricant that doesn’t cause irritation or discomfort with nasty chemicals! Will definitely be buying and recommending to friends

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    AG - Golden Bay says:

    Everything about this product and presentation is attractive – product itself has great consistency and lasts the distance through all levels of activity.


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