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My Story

How FlowMotion Organic Lubricant came about.

After an illness (and successful treatment), I had let myself get overweight and out of shape – not enough exercise and too many chocolates were to blame!

In 2011 I decided it was time for a change, so I gave up meat, alcohol, and chocolate and hit the pool. The alcohol was easy to give up, but the chocolate wasn’t! And the weight flew off. But it wasn’t all good news…

Though I’ve always been sensitive to certain foods and cosmetics – coffee, nail polish, and most cosmetics made me break out, I never thought swimming in the pool could be anything but good for me. However, I started feeling unwell a couple hours after training, but I didn’t have the same problem after swimming in the sea.

So I went for advice and came away with a diagnosis of chemical sensitivity. I was ordered out of the chlorinated pool I had been splashing around in for a year. Further test showed there were a lot of other things I was also sensitive to. So with a list of foods and chemicals to avoid, and some nutrients to help clear my system, I was determined to get really healthy.

I had always considered myself health conscious, but this was a big wakeup call. I had good hard look at all products I was using; shampoo and conditioner, soap, face cleanser and scrubs, makeup, lipstick, toothpaste, eyedrops, body lotion, hair gels, etc… I rummaged through the bathroom cupboards and scrutinised the ingredients lists. Even though most of them were labelled ‘natural’, many still contained a lot of chemicals – a lot of stuff I couldn’t (and still can’t) pronounce.

I’d always been of the belief that if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin. So a lot of products and cosmetics (even the expensive stuff!) got chucked into the bin. And I thought to myself, I can do better than this!

I’m no Domestic Goddess, but I ventured into the kitchen with the belief that the things I needed for skin and haircare could be made with natural ingredients.

The idea of producing an organic personal lubricant was not even on my radar at that point, but I stumbled upon a combination of ingredients that produced an amazing slippery gel. It was a light-bulb moment and I thought, “Why not?”

Happy and healthy swimming in the sea.

Happy and healthy swimming in the sea.

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In my bedside drawer I found three different brands of lubricants I’d purchased. The ingredients lists on two of them read like a chemical nightmare – one product even contained saccharine. I wouldn’t knowingly put saccharine in my food! And even though one of the products was labelled ‘natural’, the ingredients list still wasn’t natural enough for my liking.

Funnily, it wasn’t until that moment that I made the association between the ingredients in these lubricants and the bouts of thrush (candida or yeast infections) I’d experienced on a regular basis after using them.

I started researching everything I could Google up about personal lubricants and what effects the different ingredients have on the body. I learned that mucous membranes absorb more into your body than if you ingest the same ingredient orally.  What many leading brands contained shocked me! They are full of all sorts of nasty stuff.

My research indicated that the chemical structure of some personal lubricants lead to ‘osmolality’, damaging the mucous membrane (vaginal and anal walls) which may leave the user more susceptible to STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Many persoanl lubricants are not fertility-friendly and act like a spermicide because the pH level is too acid for the body, causing sperm damage. Nor can you count on them as a reliable spermicide.

My ‘comparative research’ saw me at the pharmacy, buying one of every type of personal lubricant I could find on the shelf – a somewhat embarrassing moment at the check out counter!

I realised then that if I was going to produce a personal lubricant, I had to get over my own discomfort about discussing it.

Sex is one of the most natural things we do – and sex requires lubrication – whether we produce enough of it ourselves or whether we have to get it out of a tube. If we are going to get lubrication out of a tube, why not make it the most sensuous, real-feel, body-friendly, water- based, natural, simple, healthy choice available? In all good conscious, I did not want to produce anything but the best organic personal lubricant possible. In fact, I promised myself that if I couldn’t produce a Certified Organic personal lubricant, I wasn’t going to produce one at all.

I knew the recipe I had just made was as natural as possible, and that it would need some tweaking to make it functional and marketable, but I was sure it could be done!

I engaged Personal Care Expert, Sara Ching from Nelson-based Alaron Products, and together we worked on refining the recipe. Sara now makes all the batches at their factory under the best professional standard possible. When each batch is made, I go down to the factory to personally check that it has just the right feel and consistency before it is packaged.

I remain committed to offering a really simple, healthy, BioGro New Zealand Certified Organic, chemical-free personal lubricant – with a real-feel that is as natural as love and sex itself! Made with peace, love, passion, and play.

Life is FlowMotion!

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