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certified organic, water based lubricant.

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Experience the freedom of FlowMotion certified organic, water-based lubricant.

An organic lubricant created to enhance the natural flow of sex and intimacy

Certified organic, FlowMotion is a personal lubricant made of a delicate blend of certified organic plants and purified New Zealand water. These organic products come together to produce a real-feel, pure pleasure, water based sex lube NZ loves.

Our natural lubricant is BioGro NZ Certified Organic (#5475), Vegetarian society approved and totally orgastic.

Independent Reviews and Media Releases

FlowMotion Ltd Receives Highly Commended Award for Innovation in Marketing at the Natural Products NZ Industry Awards.


This award recognises a company or employee of the company who has achieved exceptional results from the innovative marketing, advertising or promotion of a service or product achieving significant market growth or market access.



Appraisal by Dr. Kyle Neeley, NMD

“I was first introduced to the idea of an organic, all natural, chemical free lubricant for my patients by Michele, most of whom do not like introducing chemicals and tons of preservatives into their body. Having recommended that several patients try the product, the comments are consistently that FlowMotion lubricant has a great feel, does not dry, so it continues to work as long as you do, and the texture and scent are very pleasant. I am most impressed with the integrity of this product, which uses a limited, small number of ingredients in its formula. This means that it can be used safely with a greater range of people because it does not contain the large amount of chemical irritants.  Intimacy is meant to be fun and pleasureful, not painful and difficult.  A natural product who’s time has come, and I am glad I can recommend it to my patients with great confidence.”

Dr Kyle Neeley has trained all over the world. Over the past 25 years he has helped hundreds of patients in over 17 countries reach a better quality of health through Naturopathic medicine.

Dr Kyle Neeley

Dr Kyle Neeley

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